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Year-End 2022 Fast Approaches!

If you’ve listened to our program long enough, you know that when going through your year-end tax planning, we’ve always encouraged those doing a Roth IRA conversion to pay the tax owed with funds outside of the Roth to achieve the most benefit. But is that still advisable? 

On today’s show, we’ll discuss an article from the November issue of Ed Slott’s newsletter that may cause you to think otherwise. You may decide to be more aggressive than usual by paying taxes owed (if needed) from the IRA itself. The tax benefits over time that you’ll still receive (albeit to a lesser degree) from a Roth conversion can still make a positive long-term difference! Gazing into the future in this case may be especially valuable for you and your family.

Also, Heidi will discuss year-end tax planning tips and other planning ideas. Deann will join us, too, with stats relevant to today’s topics. We promise real information to help you think more deeply about your financial situation to help improve your own game! See you today 10 a.m. or on Saturday for the rebroadcast at 9 a.m.

Tune in and take control!