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Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Outside!

The beautiful summer weather seems to have everyone in a trance of warmth, ice cream, sandy beaches and the great outdoors (including the bugs)! Today, we’ll talk about the power of being a contrarian in a world that seems more confusing by the day. Included in this will be historical examples of those with very big voices who have been very wrong about the future. One example is the current residential housing market, which has stumped so many to continue strong despite ever-rising interest rates. Another is the continuing Fed attempts to rein in the economy with ever-widening interest rates, only hurting itself and our very own dollar in the process, and the future statistics on what that could look like. Next, Heidi will discuss mid-year frequently asked questions about Social Security planning for retirement. This includes what we might possibly see on adjustments to Social Security to control the cost. All of this, including great stats from Deann to bolster and add to the conversation.

Tune in and take control!