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Planning Healthcare is Essential for your Retirement Planning

According to Pew Research Center, the rate of retirement for Boomers has accelerated since COVID-19 began. Nearly 29 million Boomers retired in 2020, three million Boomers are expected to retire by 2030, paving the way for what is now called “The Great Retirement,” which may surpass The Great Resignation as the most significant hiring trend for 2022. This is a staggering stat! What most folks forget to consider in their retirement plan is healthcare. Believe it or not, there are professionals who specialize in this, and we know who they are!

Join Laverna Witkop and Dawn McConnell from Ford Insurance Agency who are LIVE with us today. They will talk about the annual election period (AEP) for Medicare Advantage plan (October 15 through December 7). It’s time to review and pay attention to changes. This also might be a good time to jump in! Open enrollment for individual health insurance plans is from November 1 to December 15, with a possible extension.

So tune in and have your questions ready!