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Talk is Cheap

How many times have you heard the phrase, “Talk is cheap”? We even alluded to this on last week’s show regarding the market’s response to Fed Chair Jeremy Powell’s proclamation that rates would begin to rise at the Fed’s July meeting on the 25th and 26th. On this week’s show, we’ll continue to discuss the rate environment and its impact on the economy. Why? Because the implications are very important and dynamically changing. What camp are we in? Currently, we agree with Simon White of Bloomberg who recently had this to say: “Rising global rate expectations are likely to be disappointed as slowing inflation significantly tightens real rates through the rest of the year, allowing central banks to deliver fewer rate hikes than predicted.” Currently, the stock and bond markets appear to be signaling this very outcome, and we think this continues to be a great subject to stay on top of with you, our listening audience! Heidi will also discuss the difference between Treasury Bills and Bonds and the two critical differences between them. And Deann will bring those stats to bolster the conversation along with your questions! 

Tune in and take control.