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Volatility: The Name of the Game

Market gyrations are always unnerving, and today’s markets are no exception. Today, we’re going to discuss Fed Chairman Jay Powell’s recent quotes from his Jackson Hole, Wyoming speech and why we think the stock market responded as it did. Though the reality of the world in which we live is ever-changing, we can, at the same time, discuss what you can do about it, as well as consider why these are especially important times to make changes. We’re all trying to save money for a future goal or set of goals. Helping you (and us) remember or think more clearly about what that goal is will be an important part of our program this week.

As we enter school season, Heidi will be comparing 529 plans vs. Roth IRAs as a tool for funding our children’s education costs, and how these tools can work for both you and for them. Deann will have the stats of the week, too, to add to the mix!

Tune in and take control!