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Taxes and Tech Giants On the New Retirement Radio Horizon

Having just returned from our jaunt to Indianapolis to imbibe our insatiable need for new tax information, we are loaded for bear (if you will) with the most recent tax information related to IRAs, beneficiaries and the travails the mix of the two can cause.

We will share this information to help you to navigate and deal with the ever-changing world of your retirement accounts as well as discuss the issues you should be most concerned about. Heidi will discuss one of the simplest rules to remember – the “Once per Year Rollover Rule” – and explain its shortfalls in order to avoid paying unnecessary taxes and penalties. Dennis will provide information on possible investment opportunities and help you separate AI hype from investment opportunity with an article from Capital Group. Last, we will discuss the ramifications if the Fed does not cut interest rates this year.

As always, Deann will share the stats related to these topics, along with your questions via text or phone.

Tune in and take control!