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Investor Blind Spots

I (Shea) love to drive. It started with video games then led to learning on two-tracks until I took my drivers’ training courses. My instructor thought I was overly confident behind the wheel, but it quickly became my “thing” and, to this day, I am known as “The Driver” among family and friends. Over the years, however, as I have become more comfortable with driving, I’ve also realized that it’s easier to make careless mistakes. I refer to them as “blind spots.”

The same goes with investing. The longer you’ve been at it, and the more familiar you are with it – the more blind spots you develop. Our internal benchmark for success isn’t always the best predictor and, as a result, our long-term gains may diminish. In other words, we may not get to where we intended to go without a different or extra perspective. Today, Dennis and Heidi are hopping into the driver’s seat to show you a few things you might have missed on your investment journey.