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Planning and Taxes- What More Could You Ask For?

Jon Sluis, CPA, joins us today to help us catch up on 2023 tax law changes as well as look out for future adjustments we need to be aware of. As you know, proper tax planning requires being aware of not only what’s new, but what has changed from the previous year. And you guessed it … there are lots of changes and updates for 2023 you need to know about. New retirement provisions that recently took effect will make a difference for your long-term planning. We will also discuss the impact of staying up-to-date on beneficiary designations to allow for maximum flexibility in the settlement of your retirement accounts. As we’ve seen with our own clients’ accounts, custodians of IRAs and other retirement accounts who are not aware of the current provisions within the law may negatively affect you and your loved ones. Your bottom line can be impacted by these tactics, so tune in and take control!