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Where’s the Beef?

We all remember the famous Wendy’s ad a couple of decades ago in which an older woman asked where the beef was in her burger. On today’s show, we’ll try to answer that question in terms of investment and/or allocation opportunities for you. Sometimes opportunity doesn’t knock … you must open the door! Capital Group, which oversees American Funds Group, recently published an update whose title is both intriguing and apropos: “As rate hikes near end, historic investor opportunity may begin.” The advisors at Capital Group believe we’re on the cusp of a major transition, where long-term investors can find attractive income opportunities as central banks pivot from restrictive monetary policies to something much more accommodative. Both Heidi and I (Dennis) will discuss these issues related to your longer-term investments and what your options might be to control risk and take advantage of the potential opportunity. Nathan will bring the stats, and there are a fair number this week, with updates on inflation and many others as we delve into the world of your money. 

Tune in and take control!