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Settling an Estate in Michigan – A Financial Planner’s Perspective

You’ve heard of settling an estate from the attorney’s perspective. Today, we’ll discuss settling an estate from a financial advisor’s perspective. Settling an estate involves much more than merely settling assets. Generally, it also includes filing the last will and testament, paying bills and taxes, filing the deceased’s final tax returns, distributing property and filing the final account. We will discuss what typically is the biggest dollar item in the estate and the mechanics involved in handling it. Our goal is to help you save time, money (potentially thousands of dollars in taxes) and, of course, stress. Given the complexity of today’s accounts, their tax benefits as well as other cost of disbursal, this is information you will want to know! Also, Heidi will share updates on Social Security, and Deann will provide the stats related to estates to help us along! 

Tune in and take control!