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Guest CPA Jon Sluis

Now that the dust has (mostly) settled from the almost weekly legislative changes these past few months, today’s guest, CPA Jon Sluis, says, “It’s time to start paying attention and start dealing with the change that happened.” He’s referring to the disconnect between what many are hearing in the media and what they are seeing in their own financial positions.

As a result of the flood of stimulus money injected into the economy, limited businesses went down; the same for individuals. In fact, many businesses and individuals pivoted as a result of all the changes thrown at them. Whether from increased support from clients, creative marketing or quick cost-cutting initiatives, many businesses and individuals are feeling more cash flush than before. While some saw declines in top-line revenue or investment returns, many are actually seeing an increase in bottom-line taxable income – which means there may be a tax liability coming. And when you are cash flush, it’s usually a good indication that you may need to start tax planning now and shift to those discussions.

This show will discuss the repercussions of what happened and how to deal with it now. Tune in and take control! There’s never enough time when we have Jon on the air.