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Special Guest Doug Godbe

Retired lawyer Doug Godbe has a few things to share after his nearly 42-year career as a probate and estate planning attorney. In fact, he might surprise you with some of his thoughts about estate planning. Doug never practiced law in Michigan, his legal career was in California only. Accordingly, his statements today are merely observations of general probate and estate law. You should always consult with a licensed lawyer in your state for legal advice. For the last 31 years of his practice, Doug was a sole practitioner in Orange County, California. He has also authored five books on estate planning, probate and financial powers of attorneys.

Tune in, and you might be pleasantly surprised by some of his ideas like: “Don’t leave NOTHING to your least favorite relative. Leave them SOMETHING with a ‘no contest’ clause. It will be more painful for them to lose the money they’ve inherited contesting it than it will be for them to lose nothing contesting what they didn’t receive.”