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Fast and Furious

It seems that there’s been a contagion of mismatches lately. Specifically, Silicon Valley Bank’s (SVB) demise (and very likely many others soon to follow) as well as today’s economic numbers should give us all plenty to think about and dig deeper into. The speed at which SVB fell was shocking. Most of us non-Westerners never heard of this bank, unless of course you follow Jim Cramer, who was touting SVB as a great investment just last month. This past weekend, however, after a week of rapid decline, the FDIC took over SVB and is pledging to make good on all depositors’ assets. So what can we learn about this for our own situation? On today’s show, we’ll uncover what happened to SVB and discuss how we might apply any lessons to our personal situation. Heidi will discuss the five-year rule related to Roth conversions, and Deann will have stats aplenty to add to the conversation, which we think will be fast and furious this week! So tune in and take control!